InComplete Absence

Sight Specific Installation


Through this project, InComplete Absence, I wanted to convert the wooden shed into a white peaceful space but coincidentally the expression was full of emotions and feelings yet serene no doubt. I could actually never complete that project the way the original idea was. It is still an incomplete space. I wished to create a space where one can start talking to the Self and where there is no thought, and which is empty. A white space, zeroness, and that thoughtlessness create the state of peace and sublime experience in mind.

I’m interested in the space in a human mind as an individual identity which (is the key to happenings and) consists of subtle energies, expressed, unexpressed feelings & emotions, and its relationship with art in everyday world and finally how that virtual, intangible, mental space can be transmuted into art as art. I feel that that is a space between connection to the outside world and the connection to own Self, where there is so much untouched, uncertain, insecure and disturbing. I like to explore that physically invisible zone of unknown and uncertain reality along with the ways to reach a state of constant relaxation and stillness using that tumult and disturbance as a tool in art and life. Is it possible to reach the state of constant relaxation and happiness without escaping from everyday life? Is it possible to live art or live life in art? To what extent is it different to live art and to live life for an artist like me?