lust alien

lust alien
Vandana & 21 other artists


5 hours
Naming Rights, London


Inspired by the word; Lust, Alien – the outcome of group discussion and mind mapping, based on concepts such as; Alienation, Misunderstanding, Community, Us/them, Outside/inside.

The group install a temporary Coorporative Collective in the space to stimulate the surroundings, neighbour-hood through interaction and participation with an unclear, vauge connections creating a situation, a bizzare, and unexpected points of rapport, which would involve establishing posts inside/outside the space where each artist assumes a role of a so called ‘Service Provider’ creating/making non-sense at points, emphasizing on uselessness and absurd including humour. In other words, performing foreign roles in the middle of the local community.


I had been put onto the wall like an object; a clock with silver grey tape and performed as a ‘Human Clock cum Human Sensor & Alarm’, to sense the real time & situation, speak/remind the non-sheduled reminders/alarms and fake fire alarms to be acted upon in reality and speak random, sensible/insensible words to take action upon immediately by the fellow artist-performers . My face is expressionless like an object throughout the performance. I stay stuck up in the tape on the wall around two feet high from the floor standing on a wooden box.