Piano Piece

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Performance Stills
39:41 Minutes

©Vandana The Artist
Courtesy Vandana The Artist


I kept the piano piece without title and don’t want to call it Untitled or Not Titled either, because this performance video expresses some inner state which every mind goes through so many times in life, for which no exact word can be found in the dictionary to describe and explain the feeling. Calling this piece Untitled or Not Titled is also like putting it into some category which is not the case with the idea behind this. Sometimes there are some automatic happenings in the intangible mental space which is a sheer experience of feelings, emotions, attitudes but it is impossible to describe or explain them in words. As soon as the weirdness of that extraordinarily inseparable mingled emotive state is put into words, it gets confined, restricted and loses its real essence and honest feel.

There are two activities juxtaposed and are happening in real time. One has the time constraint (hair styling – depending on when it is complete) and the other one is endless (playing piano). The juxtaposition of two real life events creates an exceptional state of mind for the performers including the hairstylist and hence the extraordinary inexplicable, the in-between mental space gets transmuted into the art performance to invite the audience to have that preternatural experience.


I appear wearing white, with a veil of my own hair on my face, sitting on a piano ready to play. The hairstylist starts cutting my hair, simultaneously I start playing piano with closed eyes. I have not learnt how to play the piano ever but I play on the spot just like the first encounter with an object which, I already know, has some sweet sounds in it. There is a glass door in the background with a beautiful view of nature and has a label on the door-glass saying, No Exit. I open my eyes twice during the performance unconsciously and once try to play a tune from a TV advertisement (where a girl plays piano and the keys she plays are shown in the advert) which I loved watching in my childhood. The hairstylist completes my hairstyle and I stop playing too in total peace.