Pub on the Street

Pub on the Street


1 hr 30 minutes
Kingston University, London

©Vandana The Artist
Courtesy Vandana The Artist


Through my unstaged performance, where I invited people to smell the brick, guess what it smells like and then offering few sips of wine and beer, I create a dialogue; a rapport between me and the passers-by to erase the omnipresent worthlessness associated with the idea of alcohol intake. My typical Indian outfit during the performance and the act of offering hard drinks was a crucial experience for me in terms of my being a teetotaler, my transition to the West and a trial to find out balance and a sense of belongingness in my new situation; as in India it is a taboo and not considered good in the society if a woman drinks or serves hard drinks.

The brick piece titled, ‘Streets on Weekends’, is my reflection towards London Streets on Weekend Evenings, representing the idea of night-life, seduction, sensuousness and construction as well as virtual deconstruction of human existence – a kind of unrealized ritualistic nothingness and splendid worthlessness from an etic perspective.
The brick is meant to be smelt in addition to to look at and to touch in order to
give the olfactory sensuous pleasure to the audience, simultaneously juxtaposing
the two aspects of London life- one is the people who enjoys the night
life(denoting the nothingness) and the other ones who serve it as a part of their
duty. So I see it as a kind of hard work for worthless splendours.