Silence Series


Silence is an abstract phenomenon which means absence of sound on mundane level and is closely associated with the question of human existence in this world. Materialistically Silence has various aspects to be discovered and considered, as this notion in itself is intrinsic. Shedding some light on its different types – Inner and Outer Silence and different aspects at physical, mental, psychological levels. I find Silence a paradox in itself, as prolonged Silence becomes a sound in itself after a while but Sound & Silence are complementary to each other too. Silence gives birth to sound and no realization of sound can take place without Silence. I see it as the gaps, the hollow space, the void, the emptiness, the nothingness in tangible and intangible spaces.

Through the representation of Sound and Silence in my work, I share my experience of my journey in search for this non-existing abstract notion in the city environment of the fast-paced city – Mumbai.

Artworks under the series

Search for Silence… An Escape

Thii Thinker

Sound & Silence

Silence – A Paradox

Inner Silence


Dark Silence

Mundane Silence Personified